social media strategy find your shine

We always hear social media gurus and experts talk about how 'It's not about you.'

'Make it about THEM. Always make it about your ideal client!'

We hear this repeatedly - it's a dead, beaten, resurrected and re-beaten horse by now (lol, not a pretty picture, I know).

You get it, right? It's NOT about you.


Plain and simple.

More accurately: it's about you and them.

If you don't know your message, if you don't know your why, you CANNOT know these people you need to reach. You'll never be able to find them, speak their language, connect with them - because you don't know who you are.

It's been said that you can only give out of what you have. If you don't know what you have, how can you give it to those who would need it most?

I should stick a pin and say that I use 'what' very loosely here, because I'm NOT talking about what you do. If you are a web designer, I'm not talking about your web design services. If you are a virtual yoga coach, I'm not talking about your yoga sessions.

I'm talking about Your Why. Your SHINE. The one thing that when you put it into the world, it changes the entire game for someone out there. I'm talking about a belief that drives the thing that you do, a belief that drives the web design business and yoga sessions you have.

*unsticking the pin* 

Only when you find your Shine, your core message, your Why, will you have direction about everything else in your business.

Further, the truth is that you have a lot in common, in terms of your beliefs and core tenets in your business, with your ideal client.

The Shine in you speaks to the Shine in them. And when your Shine is shared well, it's easy for them to come to trust you and buy into what you do (think: web design & yoga sessions), which in turn allows you to live the life you've been dreaming of and leaves you fulfilled.

It STARTS with YOU. 

Then it SPREADS to THEM. 

So, now I've beaten that horse (smh, sorry for the metaphorical horse abuse loves, I have NOTHING against horses and wish them all happy, healthy lives!), how can you figure out OR clarify Your Shine?

Here are 3 questions you can ask:

- Why did I begin doing this? What drove me to start this business?

- What keeps me going when I feel like quitting on this business?

- When people come in contact with my business, what's the ONE thing I want them to walk away KNOWING that I'm about?

These are very generic questions ---> I'll own that. 


the best way to discover your why is to dig into your story.

I use a system for helping my clients do this and they've continuously come away with more clarity and drive to make things happen in their business. They always feel more connected to themselves, their mission in the world and their business as a personal brand. Don't believe me? Check out MY CLIENT LOVE PAGE HERE.

If you want that clarity, that drive, that connection - book a call to talk with me here.