Straight-talk? You know you’re in hustle hell.

In case you’re not sure (though you’d be fooling yourself if you weren’t) here’s what that looks like:

Nothing in your business feels aligned or in flow anymore, you’re hustling 24/7 like a chicken with your head cut off, you’re always giving and you don’t have the time to receive or fill yourself up with the things that feed your soul and you’re beginning to wonder ‘what’s the point?’

It’s a legit question, love:

What’s the point if you create this phenomenal business with amazing results for yourself and your clients, and yet… never have time or energy to enjoy any of it?

If you know you’re obligated to your community before yourself, 
constantly anxious over your next launch, 
never completely recovering when you get sick, and
constantly feeling like your business runs your life: you’re going to want to keep reading -

And I’ll keep it quick ‘cause you have ‘ish to get done.

AND, to be honest, none of what I’m about to tell you is new to you. You just need someone to give it to you straight, so here I am.


What’s the ‘it’ I’m talking about? Your FOMO & shiny object syndrome.

Look love, there’s always ALWAYS something new going on in the online business world. Someone tries some new strategy and it gets out of this world results, and you know someone who knows someone who knows them and they recommend it sssooo you just HAVE to try it…


No. You don’t.


What gets results for you? What feels aligned for you? What strategies feel right for your business?

You do not have the luxury of running around like a kitten after a speck of light.

Divorce that impulse to feel FOMO and to run after shiny objects. 

You have a phenomenal impact to make, lives to change, and moments to go live. STOP letting FOMO and new-errything stop you from doing what you were born to do and being who you are. 

And this leads me perfectly into 2. 


The interwebs is a place of creation - we all know it. Every single day we create allthethings.

Again, you don’t have the luxury of soaking in all the things that others create, you don’t have the luxury of listening to all those voices. 

They drown out your own voice inside your head and leave you feeling inadequate, lacking confidence, and second-guessing yourself.

You do not have time to waste on things that make you second-guess yourself and your decisions. So your answer is simple: tune them out.

All the gurus, the experts, the people in your niche that everyone looks up to that you consciously or unconsciously compare yourself to all the time - STOP. You’re on a hamster wheel and you’re getting nowhere.

This is your world. You are responsible for what enters it. Guard that and filter the voices that have influence in your world.


Errrmmmm, yeah so?

You can be multipassionate, have ideas and

still execute them one by one so you’re productive.

Stop using your phenomenal ability to create - a beautiful, awe-inspiring gift - as an excuse to not settle down and get your ish done. 

You have a multitude of ideas. Write them all out, pick the one that’s easiest and a ‘heck yes!’ for you - then implement that one first. Then go down the list and do that for the rest of them.

This extends to your systems too, aka, the not-so-fun-and-swirly stuff. You know, (you KNOW) you should be automating your processes, but you haven’t taken the time to implement your automation ‘cause it’s just not fun.

Love, I say this with all the care I can, cut the crap and go what you know to do:


This is related to the systems chat we started in number 3, why are you ignoring your numbers?

I know they’re not necessarily fun, and I know you’d rather be creating something or be with a client or be soaking in a hot-tub (wouldn't we all?), but your numbers are what tell you the next move you need to be making - not just your intuition.

You need to know what went well, what didn’t go well, what you can do more of, what you can do less of, what you should retire, what you should invest more in...all of these questions can be answered by your numbers.

If you don’t want to do it, hire someone to do it for you (we can talk about that) but either way, get it done!


Okay, I honestly left this one for last because it’s the most common legit reason/ lame excuse (take your pick) that you and other ladybosses like you could give if you’re in hustle hell and can’t seem to get out.

I could say the cliches like ‘we make time for the things that matter’ or ‘you need to prioritize and do only the things you need to do’...

But honestly, all the things you do in your life are important.

You started doing them for very specific reasons and you continue doing them because they matter to you.

They’re going to keep mattering to you. But some matter more than others. And unfortunately, you can’t do everything that matters to you at every season in your life. 
You have to consciously choose to create the life and business you want. 

I said I wasn’t gonna do cliche, but I will because this cliche applies: you don’t HAVE TO do anything in your life. You choose to do everything you do. You have a choice. 

Maybe you need to take some time to figure out why you feel like you don’t have a choice, why you feel like you can’t let go of doing certain things, even though other things are more important to you…

Whatever the case may be, you choose your life. No one else. So if you’re in hustle hell, you’re there of your own making, and you can get out by being very conscious and deliberate with the choices you make from here on out.


If this resonated with you and you’d like to discuss this some more with me, feel free to comment below OR send me an email at