It’s fair to say we've all been there, or at least some version of there:

  • the 10 minute wait in line for coffee when we're already beyond late...

  • the 1 hour wait for a video to upload or a Facebook ad to be approved while we work on some other kind of content in our business…

  • a whole night for Christmas morning when we were kids who still believed in Santa…
  • weeks for our crushes (or is it love interests now that we’re older? lol) to get a clue and ask us out already…

In essence: The Wait.

It feels different depending on what you’re waiting for, why you’re waiting, who you’re waiting with, what you think the consequences of the wait will be:

Waiting in the coffee line for instance

  • for your favorite morning pick-me-up
  • because you can’t live (or think you can’t live) without it
  • and no one’s with you but
  • you’ll be hella late getting to work if these baristas don’t hurry up!

VERSUS waiting

  • for your favorite birthday coffee drink (that you only limit yourself to getting once a year)
  • ‘cause it’s your birthday plus you’re on a date and you deserve this!
  • You’re with your favorite person in the world
  • who you’re anticipating spending the best afternoon and evening with ^_^


See? Those experiences are completely different; different factors change the waiting game.

But what the heck does that have to do with online business?

The boring little secret that no one wants to talk about in online business IS the wait.


Prime example: My 2-month funnel from hell -_-
(Okay maybe not hell, but a whole other dimension where time is absolutely a draaaag for sure)

I had been wanting to set up a funnel ALL of 2017, for the whole year that was a goal of mine. Finally I settled down to do it. And it took

I mean don’t get me wrong, it was largely my own fault that it took so long. But I hadn’t been expecting it to.

I had planned for it to be pretty simple: record a few videos, create a couple landing pages, get the payment tech all set up and bam. Done. Turn on the Facebook ads!

Not so young grasshopper -_-

It took me weeks and weeks of recording, writing copy, setting up tech, feeling like a failure, procrastinating, wondering why it’s taking so long, wanting to give up, changing my mind about the funnel structure, changing my mind again, rewriting copy, waiting on graphics, editing graphics, waiting to get the graphics back…

Finally I was able to turn on the Facebook ads and the funnel was live (hallelujah!!!)!


But in that process of setting up the funnel, if I’m completely honest, it felt like I was climbing a muddy incline of inevitable failure: where every single step was hard and I could at any time (and did many times) slide backward at least 3 steps, erasing any progress I may have made.

And the thing that no one really likes to talk about is that online business can very often feel like that.


Most of us get into this because we want “to help people.” That’s what we see all the other online entrepreneurs saying they do: how many people they’ve helped, supported, coached, etc. and we know we can help too, right?

Of course it’s icing on the cake that we can ditch the conventional cubicle 9-5 life for the space to create a savor our lives...PLUS get paid to do all that?! #signmeUP!

Then we run smack into THE WAIT:

The discomforting truth that the actual helping of the people that we got into this to do in the first place, may only come later...much much later.

>>> What actually happens during the wait I’ll explore in another blog post.


The truth is that unless you come with a thorough knowledge of online marketing PLUS a sizable audience (who loooves you to bits so they buy everything your create and who you know better than the back of your own hand so you create #allthethings that solve their -ish) baked into the awesome-sauce that is you…

...then there’s no way that your online business growth DOESN’T take time.


And that waiting? It’s uncomfortable. It kinda sucks to be honest. 

In most cases (unless you’re volunteering your services)...

  • you’re not doing the helping you got into this to do,
  • you don’t yet have the $$$ to actively create or sit back and savor your life AND
  • you’re probably secretly wishing for the security and certainty of that 9 to 5 cubicle life OR you’re still stuck there and longing to leave. 

In short you realize that all the reasons you said yes are reasons that take a while to become reality. And before that reality, there is the hard work, several feelings (of success, failure and everything in between) and the wait.


If you’re anything like me you start any business task with the best of intentions: you set your goal, circle your deadline in your calendar and you get to work. Then, the initial progress is sloooow… And right now you’re NOT seeing that progress, so you take your foot off the gas. You procrastinate. You make excuses. You watch Netflix. You change your mind. Then change it again. Then the tech acts up and you’re waiting to get graphics back and you have to change the copy...and a process that you had hoped would take 2 weeks max...ends up taking 2 months. 

And while you’re going through it you feel horrible.

But THEN when you come out the end of the process, when you finally have the thing set up, the task accomplished, you feel like… a shiny new successful badass ^_^ you can take on the world, nothing is stopping you or holding you back and this online business thing? It better watch out ‘cause you’re ready to take on the next thing!


But what if we went into this online business thing expecting the wait? Knowing that we WILL have to wait, that this IS a process and we’ve settled within ourselves that we’re ready to let the process be the process?

How would that change our definitions and experiences of success and failure?
How would that change our expectations?
How would that change our intentions and our desires?

How would that change how we do business and life as we wait?

Honestly, I don’t know if that would make a difference. 
I’m just posing questions ^_^

I don’t like the wait - at all. But if there’s anything I’m learning now it’s patience, and how to find the lessons in the wait. For example, the 2-month funnel from not-hell taught me A LOT about the way I work, how I feel about goals and goal-setting, where all those feels come from, and processes I want to experiment with in the future as I continue to grow my business. 



Any particular sentence resonate? Any thoughts on this subject or in response to anything I said? Leave a comment below  ^_^