Avoid Launch Flop Leverage Social Media

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s ever launched any offer before, you know the roller-coaster of emotions and concerns about every possible thing that can and, more than likely will, go wrong during a launch:


Will they buy it?’

‘Of course they’ll buy it. I’m the authority. I must manifest what I want.’

‘Crap what if they don’t buy it?’

‘Wait, did I set up that LeadPages redirect?’

‘Shoot they’re not getting my emails! Is ConvertKit working?’

‘Gaaahhh, why tech monsters? Whhhyyy?’

If it’s one thing you don’t want to be doing, it’s adding concerns about showing up on social media to that roller-coaster. Social media is where you should be rocking it during your launch, showing up every day with epic value for your audience, who by now already love you and are ready to buy from you.

So how do you make sure that you show up every day with value that warms your audience like a shot of <insert your favorite shot here> and gets them reaching for that moolah and ready to work with you?


Here are my top 5 tips to show up like the hella-bright light you are during your launch:


1. Focus your content on the pain-points of your audience related to your offer

If Elsa (try not to think Frozen, lol) isn’t quite sure how to create a money-making funnel and she’s also having trouble setting up her membership site, but your offer is a killer done-for-you funnel installation…

...Why would you be talking about membership sites (even if you’re a whiz at those too)? Yes, you want to address your audience’s pain points, but you’re not selling membership site creation.

Be laser focused.

Zoom in on the most painful aspect of your audience’s struggle that is directly related to your offer. Tap on that pain point, then relieve the pressure by providing solutions every time you show up on social media.


2. Think of every time you show up on social media as a conversation

Every time you show up on social media is a time for listening and responding, it’s a conversation. This is true whether you’re in launch mode or not, but it is especially useful during your launch.


Because this is the time that your audience will be asking aaaallllllll the questions related to the pain point your offer addresses. This is your chance to slip into your zone of genius and S H I N E! Show up and show off! Give them solutions they’ve never thought of or teach them new ways to implement previous suggestions.

When you listen, you take note of the questions they’re asking and you also intuitively follow their train of thought to know the questions they’re going to want answered next (you should know them well enough to do this by now).

Show up and respond to them with real, actionable solutions that you’ve proven get results. How are they not going to love you after that? I know I would!


3. Plan it all. P L A N it aaaalllll.

I know many of us creative souls aren’t planners. We may feel like plans keep us in a box and prevent us from being as creative and amazing as we could be. So we show up on social media every day, but we talk about whatever we’d like. We don’t plan our topics and we sure as heck don’t write anything down.

Mmm...Real talk, love? That’s not called being creative, that’s called being not-smart.

When you plan out when you’re showing up and what you’re going to say, you make it easy to slip into that zone of genius I was talking about earlier and Shine like the light you are. You don’t want to be thinking about what to say on Periscope today. You don’t want to be making your Instagram graphics in Canva 10 minutes before you’re supposed to post them on Instagram.

We all know the saying prepare to plan or plan to fail.

And having a social media plan not only makes showing up on social media a breeze, it also frees you to ramble onto any random path your audience may call you!

For instance, if you see a post in your Facebook group about someone asking for advice on starting a 5-day challenge, and you feel like that relates well to your offer, by all means be inspired! Show up on Periscope and bust open the secrets to 5-day challenges! Then tomorrow, get back to regularly-scheduled programming without throwing yourself into a tailspin.  

4. Use templates everywhere

Speaking of Canva… For goodness sakes, don’t bust your brain trying to make every single graphic 1000% better than the last. That’s a waste of time.

Your audience needs an attractive package with a poignant message. Not glitz, glam and fireworks. In all honesty, the simpler, the better.

So, get about 5 different templates in Canva that you rotate through for graphics and you’re set for at least the next six months.

Trust me, your time is best spent doing other amazing things and changing your audience’s lives, not creating Canva graphics.


5. Be real

This is probably the most obvious tip, but I’m saying it anyway.

Social media doesn’t suddenly become all about business just because you’re in launch mode!

There’s a reason your audience follows you and not some big corporate brand - it’s because you show up as YOU, with your crazy hair, no make-up, bathrobe on, barking dogs, spontaneous trips to concerts self.

You don’t just have to show up and be all business during your launch. In fact, adding a bit of insight into your life (aka ‘behind the scenes of a $__k launch’) is exactly what your audience wants to see from you, and exactly what will endear you to them. They want to know how you do it all! So indulge them, and show up with actionable value, and with emotional value.

So there you have it: be laser-focused, make it a conversation, plan plan plan, use your templates, and stay authentic and you’ll be rocking your social media channels all the way to the bank in your next launch!

*rocking your social media channels to the bank? :-/
 Lol, anyway!*

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