I've had the phenomenal honor of working with some incredible, visionary female entrepreneurs. Here's what they had to say about working with me...

Meet Tepsii, 6-figure entrepreneur, soulful Business Coach & Copywriter tepsii.com

"Hey, I'm Tepsii and I'm a copywriter who doesn't even create her own content!
Then wtf? Well, meet Chelsea Wallace. My genius, my storyteller! (And yes she actually has been through my courses, including my copywriting course so she's Tepsii certified!)
She's had you tricked for MONTHS! You thought it was my voice in these posts and shares. Well, it was, because she took the time to learn about you, my ideal clients as well as my offerings and services.
Chelsea loves my brand so much you'd think she was the momma bear. She forgives us when we're late for curfew, is willing to nurse our fevers, and has helped us take our first steps as a brand.
Now, I love the touchy/feely stuff, but let's stalk strategy. Chelsea doesn't wait to take direction. She creates momentum and since she understands online marketing inside and out she is a crucial part of my team.
I couldn't function at this high level without her. She makes me look and feel omnipresent, engaging, and available.
My last launch was a success because of her contributions!
#hirechelseaforvisability #hirechelseaforstorytelling #hirechelseaforsocialmedia"


Meet Kelly, Sales Funnel Strategist & Copywriter for Natural Hair Entrepreneurs kellyvgoins.com & curlsafari.com

Meet Isabel, Business Strategist & Productivity Coach (legit y'all, she was born to help people get their ish done! wellandwonder.com)

Meet Christine - Marketer & Copywriter for entrepreneurs with soul at christineblubaugh.com

Meet Tracey - Transformational Life Coach for Wise Women Leaders ready to take their place at the forefront of the spiritual awakening wisewomansoulrenewal.com

Meet Quiana Murray, Business Transformational Expert, Sponsorship Strategist & Speaker at quianamurray.com

When I think of you, Chelsea, I think of you as authentic, open, a leader, decisive and you are a servant. Not servant as in you just give it all but that you really do seek to make sure that those you are working with have what they need. For a business owner at my level  [multiple 6 figures] who can specifically hire the help that they need at each moment in their business, you gave me exactly what I needed. It wasn't fluff and you didn't under-deliver. You were strategic, you laid everything related to my launch out on paper for me, and I'm a planner so I loved that, I document everything I do in my business, so with the master plan that we worked on together, I'd be able to coordinate with my team as the project manager, or hand that document off to a project manager and have the exact specifics of what we need to get done. I actually got way more than I expected. You kept us moving forward and you were very clear and confident in communicating what needed to happen as we crafted this plan. I'm a leader and I love working with other leaders, that's what this experience was for me - and I'll say this to you, you need to raise your prices because this was worth waaay more than I invested. I felt very very empowered, educated and supported with you. I so appreciate you!

Meet Chrissy Marquardt, Web Designer & Intuitive Brand Strategist at iamchrissy.com

You know I love you like cook food DWL. Seriously though you have such a soulful and holistic approach to your work and that's one of the things that I love about working with you! I look forward to our calls every time we chat because you have such a positive, energetic vibe that I just absorb! You are so full of ideas and inspiration and I love it. The best part is that you were able to help me draw out MY IDEAS and actually help me to create content for my audience. It was a joy to work with you. You worked with me and encouraged me - but you also respected my time and space when I needed a break. Your approach is loving, energetic and holistic,

Meet Danielle Tucker, Branding & Business Strategist at tuckerincolor.com

Chelsea, you are AMAZING. You helped me to get super clear on my dream clients. Before... I was creating offerings for whoever would buy, and I found myself unmotivated and searching for the "REAL WHY" in my business. Working with you showed me WHY I do what I do, and in discovering that, I was able to find the joy in my business too! I also loved that I had full messenger access to you during our time together. Plus, the content copy review and FB ad copywriting help + critique was absolutely amazing and SO HELPFUL. Also, don't forget setting up FB ads. You didn't have to do it, but you did and that spoke volumes to me. Also, if there was ever anything that I didn't understand, you never hesitated to spend a little extra time with me, and that meant the world. ❤️ I LOVE YOU! 😍 You made me like there was hope for me and my business. Like... when I say life changing, I'm serious. Being an entrepreneur can be hard... especially if something is not working because one thing is off. You helped me to discover that one thing, and now I feel so alive when it comes to showing up in my business. The way you do business heals, and it really does speak to the heart. I feel like you actually CARE, and you're "not just in it for the money". I think that's what makes you special. People can tell that you LOVE DEEP and you genuinely care, and that's what makes all the difference! ❤️

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