The real reason why you haven’t launched ½ of the highly valuable digital products & programs you’ve created 

Hey there lovely, 


If you’re coming over to this page from the blog post ‘How to get over Launch Fear as a 5 & 6 Figure Business Owner,’ awesome. I’m glad you’re here.

Lemme just tell you who this page is for so you know whether you should keep reading - I want to honor your time and not bullshit you so let’s get into this:


Above everything else, this page is for the woman who is tired of the overdone, recycled, one-size-fits-all template marketing that gets sold and resold to us online. She is over and done with the ‘building a freedom business’ so that we can ‘live our lives fully, travel where we want and bring our passions into the world.’

It’s not she doesn’t want that. But this business, is NOT just about her. 


She’s not about to completely ignore the fact that there are people who are suffering and dying in this world. Discrimination, injustice and hate are ruthlessly snuffing out the defenseless and voiceless, and she knows that BECAUSE she has businesses she has the power and WILL DO something about it.


If you’re a female business owner who

  • owns 1 or 2 multiple 5 or 6 figure businesses
  • loves creating gifts, freebies, courses, programs and packages but has never launched ½ of them
  • stays away from launching as much as possible because you’re not sure whether the stress of launching would be equal to your launch ROI
  • has seen others quit or cancel their launches or absorb $$ losses from a launch OR has done so herself 
  • as much as she’d rather not admit it, is scared and has very little confidence in her ability to launch successfully SO she consistently works 1:1 with her clients and has built up her business(es) that way
  • wants SO MUCH MORE than building a freedom-based, luxury lifestyle business, because, although she loves the finer things of life, she is also convicted that her money and abundance is not just for herself. She knows she can and is committed to bringing change to families, communities and generations - whether it has to do with race, economics, relational dynamics and culture, or any other way that burns on her heart and in her bones

then you’re in the right place.


If this isn’t you. That’s ok. You can stay or leave, your choice. But this is the woman I’m speaking to for the rest of the time on this page…

So let’s get into what I think the real reason is why you haven’t launched ½ of the highly valuable digital products & programs you’ve created. 


The thing is, you LOVE creating.
Pdfs, worksheets, checklists, planners, ebooks, courses, programs, masterminds - They are easy and actually fun to do for you.

And you don’t just randomly create, no. 
You create what you see a need for, you create exactly what your community is asking for.


And yet… haven’t launched half, maybe even ¾ of the goodies you have laying around your business.


Now the problem is:
You’ve built 1, maybe even 2 multiple-6-figure businesses by working with 1:1 clients, by speaking, and by working with the one-off small groups - all at premium prices of course. But (and you know exactly what I’m about to say here)

you’re STILL trading your hours for dollars.


And most of all - you kinda feel flat-out ridiculous! 

Because you KNOW you need to launch these creations.

I mean, it’s exactly what you teach, and even HELP your clients to do!

You know launching them can open up tons of hours for you

  •  to CHOOSE the work you want to do
  • grow your business 
  • and actually create more of an impact in your online AND offline community (‘cause let’s face it - with the world as is right now, you’re not just making money for the sake of making money; you want change and you know with more money and more free time comes the power to make change).

So the million dollar question is
Why haven’t you launched them yet?


Again, you feel ridiculous for admitting this, and maybe even like you wanna hide your face behind your hands:

But the simple answer is fear.

It’s the age-old launch mega-question: Will they buy it?


Let’s just ask the mega-question, so we can answer it and move on to whether or not you’re going to make a choice:


The question you’re afraid to know the answer to, but also feeling ridiculous about hiding from (you’re an experienced business owner for goodness sakes!) is:

What if I launch it, what if I invest tons of money, loads of time in this launch, I grow my list, I do all the things, and
buys it?


Well, let’s play this out logically:

  • You’ve been creating based on what your community and clients TELL YOU they NEED. So someone WILL buy it. The question becomes how to make that someone, multiple someones, how create a significant impact with your product AND see ROI.


  • Worst case scenario: no one’s buys. And the truth is you’re not really afraid of that because you know the value of lessons learned as an entrepreneur. And in all brutal honesty, if it comes down to it, you can afford to absorb some losses for the priceless value of learning whether your community wants to be served in a particular way. And if someone asked you point-blank whether you’d rather learn that lesson sooner than later, you’d say sooner. Because that’s who you are. You want know and understand so you can serve ASAP.


So if you actually want to know sooner rather than later, and you already know you have a built-in buyer-list...what’s the core issue that you’re NOT saying? What’s hiding beneath that launch fear?

Here's what I think:

Creating these solutions that bring your clients out-of-the-box clarity AND results is your most effortless ability. And you wonder whether you should actually be getting paid for it... 

And that’s where all the launch resistance is coming from;

That’s why you haven’t yet launched these things you’ve created in - even though you created them in a genuine AND generous spirit of love and service:

You’re backing off from launching
Because you doubt whether you should be paid for this effortless, natural, and enjoyable ability.



And maybe I’m wrong
Maybe you’re freaking annoyed with me right now and about to click off this page
But if deep down you know this is true - then you also know it really doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong…


What matters is the community you want to serve.

What matters is the change you want to see in the world.

And what matters is whether you’re going to keep holding yourself back from making that happen.

I get it.

You’ve heard of the failed launches, you’ve maybe even quit on a few launches of your own. Things got too stressful and you weren’t seeing the results you wanted - so you’re sticking with what you know works: 1:1 clients, some speaking engagements, and the once-in-a-while group program.

PLUS you're used to giving this effortless ability away, most times for free or at other times, bundled into packages for your 1:1 clients (and they don't even realize they're getting all this goodness 'cause you don't even know how to communicate your value in this) how could you ever charge for it? Who would pay? How would you actually put it out there and ask for the sale?


So many questions, beliefs, doubts, that are holding you back from what's burning on your heart...


The change you want to create in the world demands more from you.
It boldly and unashamedly questions whether you will step up to the plate.
So will you?

I’ve worked with multiple female business owners who aren’t just in this for the freedom, luxury, laptop lifestyle. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong if that’s why you are in this business, but if you’re called to more… impacting lives and generations and communities,

You cannot do that if you keep yourself stuck trading time for dollars.


And if you are determined

  • to move forward out of this paralysis,
  • to communicate your worth & value with grace and confidence AND
  • to finally begin making the impact you feel called to make
    ...then YOU are who I want to work with.


My track record of achieving 5 figure launches for every launch client I've worked with speaks for itself, and I’m sure any one of these women wouldn’t mind you reaching out to get a recommendation:


"Hey, I'm Tepsii and I'm a copywriter who doesn't even create her own content!
Then wtf? Well, meet Chelsea Wallace. My genius, my storyteller! (And yes she actually has been through my courses, including my copywriting course so she's Tepsii certified!)
She's had you tricked for MONTHS! You thought it was my voice in these posts and shares. Well, it was, because she took the time to learn about you, my ideal clients as well as my offerings and services.
Chelsea loves my brand so much you'd think she was the momma bear. She forgives us when we're late for curfew, is willing to nurse our fevers, and has helped us take our first steps as a brand.
Now, I love the touchy/feely stuff, but let's stalk strategy. Chelsea doesn't wait to take direction. She creates momentum and since she understands online marketing inside and out she is a crucial part of my team.
I couldn't function at this high level without her. She makes me look and feel omnipresent, engaging, and available.
My last launch was a success because of her contributions!
#hirechelseaforvisability #hirechelseaforstorytelling #hirechelseaforsocialmedia"

Tepsii, Soulful Business Coach & 7-figure Copywriter

When I think of you, Chelsea, I think of you as authentic, open, a leader, decisive and you are a servant. Not servant as in you just give it all but that you really do seek to make sure that those you are working with have what they need. For a business owner at my level  [multiple 6 figures] who can specifically hire the help that they need at each moment in their business, you gave me exactly what I needed. It wasn't fluff and you didn't under-deliver. You were strategic, you laid everything related to my launch out on paper for me, and I'm a planner so I loved that, I document everything I do in my business, so with the master plan that we worked on together, I'd be able to coordinate with my team as the project manager, or hand that document off to a project manager and have the exact specifics of what we need to get done. I actually got way more than I expected. You kept us moving forward and you were very clear and confident in communicating what needed to happen as we crafted this plan. I'm a leader and I love working with other leaders, that's what this experience was for me - and I'll say this to you, you need to raise your prices because this was worth waaay more than I invested. I felt very very empowered, educated and supported with you. I so appreciate you!

- Quiana Murray, Business Transformational Expert, Sponsorship Strategist & Speaker at

See more testimonials on my Client Love Page.

So the choices before you are:

  • Step up to the challenge of more, the challenge of impact, and let’s get you to where you want to be OR
  • Keep backing off and stay right where you are.


I’ve laid it all out here because I may not be talking to you, and none of this may resonate with you...but if it does: we’re not bullshitting around. 

I believe female business owners are sick of the crap that sometimes happens in the online space - when there are REAL world issues out the world that all of us as online entrepreneurs CAN help solve. People are dying, starving, being persecuted, trafficked, falling into poverty, discriminated against, and countless other injustices and darkness that I’d rather not dive into on this page.


The world needs women who’ll stand and own the change they want to see and get busy making it happen.

And if you are that woman, I want to help you.

We’re getting you to where you need to be.