You're just getting started on planning for your have a few pieces in place but everything else? Not so much...

You know you need help fitting all the moving pieces of your launch together: the emails, the landing pages, upsells, webinars, masterclasses, workshops, livestreams, more emails... You feel the anxiety creeping up your spine just thinking about all of the moving pieces that you're supposed to have! 

PLUS, you reeeeally could use a sounding board to get past the feelings of overwhelm (aka do I really HAVE to do this?!?!) or just plain feeling like you're not sure if you can do this, especially by yourself...

That is exactly why I'm here!

Together, we will fine-tune your vision for success and craft a launch strategy that feels true to you and what you're hoping achieve, AND is proven to get results.

The Launch Kickstarter Package is perfect for you if you're in any one or a combination of these stages of planning:
  • still working on creating a service package or e-product for your ideal clients and you're not sure how to fit it all together - do you have to have a Facebook group? how do you structure your payment plans?
  • uncertain about whether you've niched down enough on your ideal client, you haven't even started your ideal client research and you're feeling confused about where to look on Amazon, Reddit, Facebook groups, or any other research platform - can't this just be a simple 1 hour process for goodness sakes! (yes, yes it can!)
  •  suuuuper stuck on what to say on social media and visibility can get veeery tiring for you because #introvertlife - we love people, they just drain our energy! 
  • overwhelmed with all the content you'll need to create for your launch (social media, emails, livestreams, blog posts, the list goes on...) and you feel like you're drowning every time you think about it all
  • not even wanting to look at your website copy - don't even ask you to think about your sales page - and you wouldn't know where to begin to fix any of it
  • side-eyeing Facebook ads like they're the bane of your existence and you're very concerned about throwing money down the drain when it comes to ads during your launch
  • stuck on structuring your webinar, workshop or masterclass and you're hesitant (read: scared!!!) to ask for the sale
  • extremely uncomfortable asking for the sale in the first place! You wouldn't know where to start, what to say, and you're always wondering if you should lower your prices (then you feel crappy for thinking that because you know you're worth it - but you reeeally want to help!)


The Launch Kickstarter Package is designed to address any and all of these issues with intensive 1x1 coaching time through the quick and dirty version of my signature system.
Here's what you get: 

plus your bonus valued at $150


the only remaining question i have for you is THIS:


Are you ready to take uplevel your next launch and go from where you are now to where you want to be:

exceptional clarity, confidence, authenticity and a clear plan of action that will open the door for you to serve the women you are called to serve AND get you paid your worth?


book the launch kickstarter package with

This is one of my most in demand packages and spots fill up quickly as I only take 4 clients monthly - so reserve your spot now!


Q. When do we start? How soon do I get results if I apply today?
A. I will be working with 2 lovely clients at a time on a 1:1 basis. That means we start on a first come, first serve basis. Once you reserve your spot and we have a chat, I will let you know exact start times for your package.  :-) 

Q. Do you have guarantee? Money-back? Anything of that sort?
A. No love, I don’t. Your conviction and the strategies we craft together will do all the work for you once you’ve invested in the actions I’ll be advising you to take. You are your best investment and your best guarantee.

Q. What if I want more from you than what you’re offering here?
A. Have you checked out my favorite, signature package: Your Premium Launch Partnership? If you want more, that package is just what you're looking for!

Q. Can you guarantee an amount of money I’ll be able to make?
A. No, love, I can’t. Why? Why can’t I if these are the best strategies and action to use? Because I’m not running your business. These strategies and systems depend entirely on you to execute them. I know you're the kind of woman who, although you can end up getting caught up in your head, you're dedicated to service and the conviction you feel about why you're in business. That dedication and conviction is why you’ll do splendidly - whether or not I make a guarantee!

Q. I already have a launch strategy that I use every time I launch, will this be of any benefit to me?
A. You tell me! Is your current launch strategy bringing in 5-figure launches for your business? Influence? More engaged followers? Are you cultivating community and making the impact you’ve dreamed of making in the world? No? Then you might want to apply to work with me! :-)

Q. Is there an expedited option? I want my BIG Launch now!
A. Successful launches take time & effort to plan & execute my love. Have you checked out my favorite, signature package: Your Premium Launch Partnership? If not, that package will give you a very good idea of what it means to have a BIG launch and the level of investment you need to make. I work with women who are invested in taking the time to find their own clarity BEFORE launching. That said, if you loved what I've been saying thus far and you still want to apply to work with me, please do. Let's talk about your schedule and see how we might work together

Q. I'm ready to work with you for my The Launch Kickstarter Package, Chelsea! How do I pay?
A. Click any of the buttons above to apply :-) From there, we'll set up a time to talk, and if it's a great fit, we can take care of your payment on that call.

Q. I’m not making a lot of money in my business yet. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to invest in this.
A. Firstly, kudos for being so conscious about your finances! Seriously! Secondly, this is may or may not be a viable option for you. Apply to talk with me and we'll see if you're a good fit.