It’s the difference between…

scrambling to figure out your landing pages, pulling out your hair trying to write your email sequence, all-nighters for 2-3 weeks straight (never leaving your house), and on top of all of that: showing up [exhausted] on live video every day to nurture your community during your launch…


Working alongside someone who can outline the strategy with you,

help you know exactly what to expect,

make writing all your copy easy,

take all of the tech off your plate,

and most importantly: make it easy for you to show up during your launch and share from your zone of brilliance so that it’s easy for the women you want to serve to say yes.


You know the story of launching. Or should I say the headache-nightmare-no-sleep struggle buss of launching? Either way, you’re intimately familiar with it as a coach. And you’ve counted it as the price for reaching and serving the women you are called to…

But you dread it. You hate the launch process. And you try to figure it all out yourself but you never really get the results you want to see and you end up so drained that your business suffers for weeks after your launch.

Not the most glamorous side of coaching/ consulting — and not enough people talk about it, right?

I’m here to ensure that this is NO LONGER your launch experience.

You should be able to launch your high-ticket program and get to deliver maximum transformation for the women you are called to — withOUT the marketing & launch process being hell on your well-being or your business.

You show up and serve because of your own story of transformation.

And now you are convicted that every woman who is struggling like you were deserve the transformation you experienced.

If you’re determined to facilitate that for them…it shouldn’t feel like you have to go through hell and back to do so.

I’ve designed the Premium Launch Partnership as THE launch support system that takes this reality:

  • quitting a launch halfway because you got so overwhelmed you could tear out your hair.

  • pushing through a launch, regardless of the frustration, only to end up with Z E R O sales and barely even a bump in your list.

  • feeling like you're duck-taping and jerry-rigging your launch together because quite frankly, you can't keep all the moving pieces in any kind of sane order.

  • putting off and delaying your launch because you want everything to be perfect (even though you know it probably never will be).

  • lack of confidence and a clear call to action when asking for the sale because you’ve never been given a script that feels true to your brand voice and what you actually want to say.

And turns it on it’s head so that you experience this instead:

  • showing up every day of your launch, inspired and excited to serve knowing that (a) you will be serving hundreds and thousands of women with what you share and (b) you don’t have to worry about ANY of the moving parts because all your emails, Manychat broadcasts, text reminders, videos, etc, have been scheduled ahead of time.

  • peace and confidence knowing that your supporting team (me) knows exactly how your launch is going every day, is tracking all your numbers, and will help you seamlessly course-correct if needed.

  • worry-free tech setup and integration because it’s already been taken care of by me and my team and you never have to feel like you're duck-taping and jerry-rigging your launch again.

  • clarity on your launch dates, your launch strategy, and your action items, with the knowledge that you have the support you need to get it all done — and if it’s not perfect it’ll be pretty dang close!

  • custom scripts and all your copy done-for-you so that no matter what comes next after you launch, you know that you’ve made it simple for the women you serve to say yes, and you don’t have to worry about burn-out or exhaustion after your launch either! 

You can gracefully and confidently execute your launch rom start to finish, and when it’s done, you can seamlessly move into serving and facilitating the transformation of the women you’re called to serve.



I’m Chelsea Wallace, The Launch Copy Coach. I’ve supported over 100 coaches and consultants with aligning their copy to their brand and their dream client, then crafting the launch & marketing strategy for their offers so that they launch seamlessly.

I created Your Premium Launch Partnership because I was tired of seeing and hearing about amazing coaches and consultants, like YOU, give up, delay on, struggle through and/or flop their launches for one reason or another. I wanted to offer you the ideal partner, the perfect harmony of strategy and heart, so that you would have the support you need by your side every step of the way for a successful launch. 

I've helped my clients craft successful multi-5-figure launches by bringing all the strategy, copy and implementation they needed for their entire launch - so that they stay true to their brand and their vision AND bring in the moolah at the same time. 


I've distilled my strategies into 6-8 weeks so that you have a successful launch and finally see the vision that's been burning in your heart become your reality. 

I've helped entrepreneurs get from the limiting, static, launch-flop zone of:

To a heart-centered, profitable, high-impact launch where they:

Your Premium Launch Partnership was created so that you would have the support you need - the perfect harmony of strategy and heart - every step of the way to make Your Premium Launch Partnership a reality and an epic success. 

Work with me for Your Premium Launch Partnership and get:

It's time! If you're still here reading this, you know Your Premium Launch Partnership is for you - the vision you've been holding for months won't be denied or pushed aside any longer! 

Here's the breakdown of how our 6 weeks together will look:

And if all that wasn't enough, 

let's talk your bonuses! 😉

You know what's so amazing about a launch?

When it goes well, and you meet your targets, you can optimize the same strategy and get even greater results!

But what about when it doesn't go as planned?How do you keep from making the same mistake twice? Or thrice?

That's why this bonus is ridiculously valuable because I'm going to give you a full-on, no-holds-barred, launch debrief.

That means I'm going to run some major analysis and crunch your launch numbers like a mad scientist to let you know what to NOT do next time and what you should do more of PLUS new strategies you can try to get even more phenomenal results and to give more value to your community and your clients when your next launch comes around (which hopefully you'd like to work with me for!).


So I’ve laid it all out on the table, lovely.

This is my favorite thing to do for my clients and the 1 client relationship where you have me in your corner consistently for 6 weeks doing everything I can to help you make your BIG vision come true. 

Simply put:

It's high time you stopped hiding, stopped making excuses, and honored the vision of impact inside you

You're ready for Your Premium Launch Partnership if:

Too bad you're not ready for Your Premium Launch Partnership if:

Spots fill up FAST and I only take 2 clients at a time - so don't miss out on this!

Love, you are a Light to your online community, a visionary who is about to have a big impact on the lives of the women you are meant to help and get honored in a major financial way as you help them on their journeys. 

Go ahead and book your call to discuss how we can work together to make your launch a success!

I’m here for you, every step of the way. Email me if you have any questions at 

Just in case you have a few questions:


Q. When do we start? How soon do I get my results if I apply today?
A. I will be working with 2 lovely clients at a time on a 1:1 basis for 6 weeks, reviewing copy, creating content, crafting your launch strategy...that’s going to take some time to do! That said, we will talk about our start date on our Application Call, so go ahead and book your call to work with me :-) 

Q. Do you have guarantee? Money-back? Anything of that sort?
A. No, I don’t. Your zone of brilliance and the strategies we craft together will do all the work for you once you’ve invested in the actions I’ll be advising you to take. You are your best investment and your best guarantee.

Q. What if I want more from you than what you’re offering here?
A. Book your call! I’ll get back to you with a time for us to talk - I’d love to hear about this ‘more’ you’re referring to :-)

Q. Can you guarantee an amount of money I’ll be able to make?
A. No, I can’t. Why? Why can’t I if these are the best strategies and action to use? Because I’m not running your business. These strategies and systems depend entirely on you to execute them. But I will be by your side every step of the way to help you and as we work together I know you’ll do splendidly!

Q. I already have a launch strategy that I use every time I launch, will this be of any benefit to me?
A. You tell me! Is your current launch strategy bringing in 5 or 6-figure launches for your business? Influence? More engaged followers? Are you cultivating community and making the impact you’ve dreamed of making in the world? No? Then you should book your call and let’s talk about it! :-)

Q. Is there an expedited option? I want my BIG Launch now!
A. Successful launches take time & effort to plan & execute my love, that's why I've laid out 6-8 weeks for us. If you're on a very tight schedule, still apply to work with me and we can talk about how we could potentially work with your schedule.

Q. I'm ready to work with you for my Premium Launch Package, Chelsea! How do I pay?
A. Click any of the buttons above to book a call :-) From there, if we both decide that we want to move forward, I’ll send you the links to make your payment.

Q. I’m not making a lot of money in my business yet. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to invest in this.
A. Firstly, kudos for being so conscious about your finances! Seriously! Secondly, this is may or may not be a viable option for you. Apply to talk with me and we'll see if you're a good fit