The 8 week launch partnership designed specifically for you to have your first heart-centered 5-figure launch and to uplevel your upcoming 5 & 6-figure launches - if you've launched to the tune of 5 figures before.  


Your heart beats for ONE word: IMPACT


You can't help but work and give and craft your business so that hearts are touched, lives are changed and the world is a better place because you're here. 

The thing is though…
You've heard all the launch horror stories and you actually know some of them firsthand… 

  • quitting a launch halfway because you got so overwhelmed you could tear out your hair
  • pushing through a launch, regardless of the frustration, only to end up with Z E R O sales and barely even a bump in your list
  • feeling like you're duck-taping and jerry-rigging your launch together because quite frankly, you can't keep all the moving pieces in any kind of sane order
  • putting off and delaying your launch because you want everything to be perfect (even though you know it probably never will be)
  • holding back on asking for the sale, worrying and wondering about whether you'll actually make back the return on your investment (because you've probably never charged for your expertise around a specific niche since it feels so natural to you)

It's sssooo easy for you to look at your clients, and even your bizbesties, launches and suggest ideas, and you've watched, and often times you’ve actually helped, them launch like a BOSS time after time, but you… 



You're still hiding out, creating and creating yet making excuses about not enough strategy and not enough whatever else, hesitant to launch your next BIG idea, and wondering what if…

You've written down vague plans and sketches on bits of paper and you keep daydreaming about your 5 or 6-figure launch - your BIG, heart-centered, Christmas-Day-finally-came launch - but you STILL lack clarity and you STILL haven't actually executed…


Yes, you know it's possible to launch the amazing program that's been burning in your heart for the longest time…

You keep imagining all the women your program will help & the lives your program will change…

You know it's not beyond your reach, that you CAN actually do this...


But you're still stuck - so frustratingly STUCK...



Good news my love, let me bring some truth & calm to your paralysis:

1: You're a BOSS. You can do anything you set out to do and you've proven that to yourself before in your business and in your life. 

Remember that time when they all said you couldn't pull this online business thing off? When your family and your closest friends looked at you like you were crazy? 

And yet here you are - your business is profitable with clients that pay top dollar for your services AND you have a thriving community around your personal brand. I'll say it again: YOU'RE A BOSS. 👑😎

2: This launch WILL happen. 

It's a part of your mission, your life’s calling. You're daydreaming and visualizing it too much for it NOT to happen. 

You're feeling the call to make this BIG move more and more and you really can't ignore it for much longer. 

You know you can do this, in spite of all the whispers of doubt in your ear, it's just a matter of the final pieces falling into place...

3: So right now, it's not a question of if, it's a question of when, my love:

When are you going to stop letting lies, fear, the past, and what-ifs hold you back from what you were born to do? And the good news is - Your when can be right NOW. 

All the pieces can fall into place for your next BIG launch right as you're reading this… 


So if you're ready (and I know you are ‘cause you've said ‘yes, omg yesss’ to everything I've said up to this point)... 


let's make your next BIG move and bring in that BEAUTIFUL 5 or 6-figure launch together:

I’m Chelsea Wallace, Launch & Content Strategist for visionary female entrepreneurs with personal brands. I help you create immediate and powerful connections with your dream clients - so the sale and the transformation you want to bring to them happens flawlessly.

I work with women who are ready to move through overwhelming inaction into clear, fulfilling, authentic and impactful launch to help their community change their lives.

I created Your Premium Launch Partnership because I was tired of seeing and hearing about amazing female entrepreneurs, like YOU, flop their launches, or delay their launches for one reason or another. I wanted to offer you the ideal partner, the perfect harmony of strategy and heart, so that you would have the support you need by your side every step of the way for a successful launch. 

Chelsea photo - Social Media Strategist

You have an amazing life mission, and yeah you want the 5 or 6-figure launch, but this is more than the money. For you success looks like massively changed lives. And it's time you lived that success. 

I've helped my clients craft successful multi-5-figure launches by bringing all the content and strategy they needed for their entire launch - so that they stay true to their brand and their vision AND bring in the moolah at the same time. 


I've distilled my launch strategies & content creation system into 6-8 weeks so that you have a successful launch and finally see the vision that's been burning in your heart become your reality. 

I've helped entrepreneurs get from the limiting, static, launch-flop zone of:

To a heart-centered, profitable, high-impact launch where they:

no more fear

no more hiding

no more what ifs

I know you want this,
you know you want this -
it's time for your BIG launch 🎉🎉🎉

Your Premium Launch Partnership is the 6-8 week launch COLLABORATION

designed specifically for YOU to have your first fabulous heart-centered 5-figure launch
or to uplevel your upcoming 5 or 6-figure launch - if you've launched to the tune of 5 figures before.

Your Premium Launch Partnership was created so that you would have the support you need - the perfect harmony of strategy and heart - every step of the way to make Your Premium Launch Partnership a reality and an epic success. 

Work with me for Your Premium Launch Partnership and get:


You've been waiting for the pieces to fall into place love, here you go!

It's time! If you're still here reading this, you know Your Premium Launch Partnership is for you - the vision you've been holding for months won't be denied or pushed aside any longer! 

Here's the breakdown of how our 6 weeks together will look:

Here's what I know lovely, 
You can stay where you are, feeling the doubt and stuck in the past that keeps you in inaction


You can do what you know is in your heart to do:

And if all that wasn't enough, 

let's talk your bonuses! 😉

You know what's so amazing about a launch?

When it goes well, and you meet your targets, you can pretty much repeat the same strategy and get the same great results!

But what about when it doesn't go as planned?How do you keep from making the same mistake twice? Or thrice?

What about when you want to IMPROVE your launch's success?

That's why this bonus is ridiculously valuable because I'm going to give you a full-on, no-holds-barred, launch debrief.

That means I'm going to run some major analysis and crunch your launch numbers like a mad scientist to let you know what to NOT do next time (whether it wasn't a wise $$ investment or investment of time/ effort) and what you should do more of PLUS new strategies you can try to get even more phenomenal dollar results and to give more value to your community and your clients when your next launch comes around (which hopefully you'd like to work with me for!).


So I’ve laid it all out on the table, lovely.

This is my entire hand and heart: it's my favorite thing to do for my clients and the 1 client relationship where you have me in your corner consistently for 6 weeks doing everything I can to help you make your BIG vision come true. 

Simply put:

It's high time you stopped hiding, stopped making excuses, and honored the dream inside you & the call on your life.

You have believed in a little corner of your heart that this dream is possible for the longest time...

If you were waiting for someone to come along and agree with you a gazillion percent - here I am! I agree with that dream and say amen to it to the moon and back!

You're ready for Your Premium Launch Partnership if:

Too bad you're not ready for Your Premium Launch Partnership if:

Let’s be honest here, love… This is getting long. And if you’re reading this and still need convincing, I’m gonna be real straight with you:


I am so ready to show up for YOU.

I created this package as YOUR launching pad, your secret sauce to greatness, your personal business ATM. I’m so dedicated to showing up for this, that I’m only making it available to 2 clients at a time, because I want to give you ONLY THE BEST of my own Shine.

Sure, you could keep trying to figure this out without help or even just not try to figure it out at all…

You could spend weeks

  • Researching what a Launch Plan should look like...
  • Trying to figure out how to not sound sleazy and turn off your community when you’re asking for the sale…
  • Laboring over how many webinars you should have, how much you should spend on Facebook ads, should you even have a webinar? Why isn't your ad converting…
  • Or you could simply just keep doing what you're doing right now. You have a successful business, you don't necessarily have to do anything differently, and certainly don't need a 5-figure launch to be successful… 

And the truth is, if you're thinking any of those options are viable, this package isn't for you. I don't want to work with you in this capacity - maybe with another package or maybe at a later time. And honestly love, if that's the case, no worries, no hard feelings, we can still be friends 😊

But I don’t want inaction and excuses and doing this alone for you. YOU don’t want that for you either.

So here are your options:

Keep pluggin' at it.

Be the little train that could.

Struggle through this alone, or don't do it at all!

Don't launch this vision, keep doing what you're doing right now - with nowhere near the impact you want to have or the payday either.



own your shine.

OWN YOUR bold, stunning vision.

Be the brilliant light you were born to be...

and let's run after this dream in your heart with everything that you’ve got!

It’s the whole reason you came into business anyway, right? To create the massive impact you just couldn’t stand to wait on seeing any longer.

Apply to work with me for Your Premium Launch Package with 3 options:

Spots fill up FAST and I only take 2 clients at a time - so don't miss out on this!

Love, you are a Light to your online community, a visionary who is about to have a big impact on the lives of the women you are meant to help AND get honored in a major financial way as you help them on their journeys. 

Go ahead and apply to work with me for Your Premium Launch Partnership!

Chances are that when I do launch this offer, it’ll be at a much higher price point!

I’m here for you, every step of the way. Email me if you have any questions at 

Now, I know you’re all ready to sign up, but just in case you have a few questions:


Q. When do we start? How soon do I get my results if I apply today?
A. I will be working with 2 lovely clients at a time on a 1:1 basis for 6 weeks, reviewing copy, creating content, crafting your launch strategy...that’s going to take some time to do! That said, we will talk about our start date on our Application Call, so go ahead and apply to work with me :-) 

Q. Do you have guarantee? Money-back? Anything of that sort?
A. No love, I don’t. Your Shine and the strategies we craft together will do all the work for you once you’ve invested in the actions I’ll be advising you to take. You are your best investment and your best guarantee.

Q. What if I want more from you than what you’re offering here?
A. Hit the application button! I’ll get back to you with a time for us to talk - I’d love to hear about this ‘more’ you’re referring to :-)

Q. Can you guarantee an amount of money I’ll be able to make?
A. No, love, I can’t. Why? Why can’t I if these are the best strategies and action to use? Because I’m not running your business. These strategies and systems depend entirely on you to execute them. But I will be by your side every step of the way to help you and as we work together I know you’ll do splendidly!

Q. I already have a launch strategy that I use every time I launch, will this be of any benefit to me?
A. You tell me! Is your current launch strategy bringing in 5 or 6-figure launches for your business? Influence? More engaged followers? Are you cultivating community and making the impact you’ve dreamed of making in the world? No? Then you might want to apply to work with me for Your Premium Launch Partnership! :-)

Q. Is there an expedited option? I want my BIG Launch now!
A. Successful launches take time & effort to plan & execute my love, that's why I've laid out 6-8 weeks for us. If you're on a very tight schedule, still apply to work with me and we can talk about how we could potentially work with your schedule.

Q. I'm ready to work with you for my Premium Launch Package, Chelsea! How do I pay?
A. Click any of the buttons above to apply :-) From there, we'll set up a time to talk, and if it's a great fit, we can take care of your payment on that call.

Q. I’m not making a lot of money in my business yet. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to invest in this.
A. Firstly, kudos for being so conscious about your finances! Seriously! Secondly, this is may or may not be a viable option for you. Apply to talk with me and we'll see if you're a good fit