You've been dreaming of having a successful 5-figure launch but have not found a strategy or coach aligned with your introverted, introspective tendencies - let's work together to help you get there...

Together we will take the time to reflect on and fine-tune your vision for success. Then we will create a clear strategy that will keep you authentic, connected with your community, and ultimately, give you the opportunity to change the lives of the women you are called to serve when they say yes to the program you want to launch.

My signature system for honest, brave, and profitable launching that I use with my 5 and 6 figure clients is exactly what you'll be getting access to when you work with me 1 on 1.

You have 2 options for working with me 1x1:

The Launch Kickstarter package

The Launch Kickstarter Package delivers exactly what it sounds like: a quick and effective kickstart to your launch.

This package is for you if you are thinking about or beginning to plan your launch and need clarity and strategic support around:

  • ideal clients 
  • package creation & fine-tuning
  •  content creation, 
  • copy
  • fine-tuning your webinar pitch and/or
  • crafting your launch plan,


the premium launch partnership

The Premium Launch Partnership is an intensive 1x1 package where we work together to craft, fine-tune, plan AND execute your 5-figure premium launch.


The Premium Launch Partnership is the only 8 week launch collaboration designed specifically for you to have a clear, confident and authentic 5-figure launch and to uplevel all your upcoming 5-figure launches - if you've launched to the tune of 5 figures before.